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Lifestyle family photographer

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It’s been fantastic getting back to my work as a lifestyle family photographer after the latest lockdown. I’ve already photographed so many lovely families and it’s looking like being the busiest summer ever! I’m not sure which part of being a London family photographer I like the best. From getting to know new families… then… Read more »

Natural outdoor photography

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I absolutely love doing natural outdoor photography sessions for so many reasons. Firstly, nature really does provide the most beautiful backdrops for family portraits, which I’d much rather use than a plain white wall. And more importantly children are just so happy when they’re free to run around in an open space. This is wonderful… Read more »

London Headshot Photography

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I loved this London headshot photography session so much for a very special reason. It was my first shoot back after the latest lockdown. I was so happy to be back working again and I’m delighted to share some of the images with you. I met up with Sarah on the very first day I… Read more »

Unique Professional Headshots

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As well as being a busy London family photographer I also offer professional headshots. It’s certainly different from photographing young children, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. It’s so important in this digital age to have an eye-catching headshot to help your business stand out. And I think it’s a great idea to have several images that you can… Read more »

Chelsea Wedding Photographer

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Recently I’ve been reminiscing on the numerous times I’ve been a Chelsea wedding photographer. Although I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many families (when we were out of lockdown) over the last twelve months I haven’t photographed a wedding since the beginning of 2020. And I miss them! It looks like things might be improving… Read more »

Toys in family photo sessions

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My family photo sessions are all about having fun. Of course, my ultimate aim is to produce a set of fantastic images for you to treasure forever, but I also want the shoot itself to be enjoyable. And for the session to be enjoyable you and your children need to feel comfortable. So I make… Read more »

Family and Pet Photographer

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Although I don’t work as a pet photographer, I love to include pets in family photography sessions. Anyone who has a pet knows they are a huge part of family life. And it can be important to have them in special family portraits. Whenever I photograph a family in their local park I’m delighted when they… Read more »

Printing your family photographs

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This digital age we now live in is amazing in so many ways, but I really feel it’s important to still actually print your family photographs. In my home I have photos of my family all over the place. Some of them large and framed on the wall, others smaller on shelves. And I honestly… Read more »

What to wear on a family photoshoot

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I am often asked what clothing works best for a family photoshoot, so I thought I’d share my views. The first thing I always advise is to wear clothes that you’re comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than feeling awkward and uncomfortable during your session. And to help the images look as natural as possible, you want to be happy… Read more »

Sibling Portrait

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I love this sibling portrait, taken a few years ago. The sweet smile on the little boy’s face is delightful and the way his older sister is looking at him equally wonderful. And the story behind this image will show a little about the way I work when I’m on a London family photography session…. Read more »