Toys in family photo sessions

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My family photo sessions are all about having fun. Of course, my ultimate aim is to produce a set of fantastic images for you to treasure forever, but I also want the shoot itself to be enjoyable. And for the session to be enjoyable you and your children need to feel comfortable. So I make sure my photoshoots are really relaxed. You can just enjoy spending time together, while I capture the spontaneous moments between family members.

Often younger children like to bring their favourite toy along to the session. This is something I love for so many reasons. Not only will it help your child feel happy, but also their beloved toy will feature in many of the photos. How precious will these images be in years to come, when you and your children look back and remember their childhood and their favourite toy in the whole world?

Tower Bridge family photo sessions

In the photograph below the beloved toy in question was a little white bunny. During the session the sweet little boy played with it, cuddled it and laughed with it. It was adorable! Whether or not the rabbit helped (I like to think it did!) the little boy smiled and laughed for the whole hour we were together. He and his parents were such a pleasure to photograph in their Tower Bridge family photoshoot.

I particularly like this image. The boy was being swung by his parents and even though he was holding both his mum and dad’s hands there was no way he was letting go of bunny! I took some photos of them all together and then I zoomed in on the little boy with his toy. I love the boy’s huge smile as he enjoys a fun morning with his parents.

If you’d like any details on my London family photo sessions please do get in touch. More of my work can be found here London Family Photographer

little boy holding hands and toy rabbit

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