What to wear on a family photoshoot

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I am often asked what clothing works best for a family photoshoot, so I thought I’d share my views. The first thing I always advise is to wear clothes that you’re comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than feeling awkward and uncomfortable during your session. And to help the images look as natural as possible, you want to be happy in what you’re wearing, and to look and feel like yourself.

Simple clothing for a fun family photoshoot!

I do have some tips though when choosing clothes to wear on your family photoshoot. As a guide simple clothes tend to work best. Avoiding logos is a good idea as they can really date the photos. And very busy patterns and stripes can be a little distracting, so perhaps give those a miss. Having said that I photographed three sisters a while back who all loved wearing brightly coloured stripy tops. And their mum was keen for them to wear them for the photoshoot. The photos turned out to be such good fun and really captured the girls’ lively personalities. So sometimes rules are made to be broken!

Adding a pop of colour to family portraits

And rather than all wearing exactly the same colour clothing, why not go for different but complementary colours? For example, different shades of blue and grey can look great together. And sometimes if one person has a pop of bright colour on them, that can bring a fun element to the photographs. As in the first image below, where the blue, grey and purple all blend together perfectly, but adding the splash of red in the boy’s trousers works brilliantly.

Sometimes what the family wear can actually influence where I take the photos. For example, in the second image below I knew the blue flowers would work well behind the family’s blue/grey clothing. And in the third photo, as soon as I saw the fantastic decorations of this shop in Covent Garden I just had to photograph the family in front of it. The festive reds of the background look wonderful with the matching colour of the boy’s top and the girl’s bobble hat.

Fun London family photography sessions!

I’m always happy to help with clothing ideas before your London family photography session. If we’re meeting at your home, you can lay out different options for me to look at when I arrive. Or if we’re meeting outside in a park you can always send photos of the outfits beforehand, so I can give my opinion. But the most important thing to remember is that whatever you wear, your session will be relaxed and fun, and that’s what will shine through in the photos.
Lady, man and four boys standing in front of Tower BridgeMum, dad, little girl and baby smiling in front of blue flowers and grassfamily of four in front of shop with Christmas decorations


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