Printing your family photographs

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This digital age we now live in is amazing in so many ways, but I really feel it’s important to still actually print your family photographs. In my home I have photos of my family all over the place. Some of them large and framed on the wall, others smaller on shelves. And I honestly appreciate them each and every day. They give me huge joy, particularly at the moment, as we are all spending so much time at home. It’s so easy to leave our photos, whether they’re taken on our iPhones or by a professional photographer, on our computers and forget to look at them, which seems such a shame. Of course, we can’t frame all our photos, but it’s wonderful to have our favourites on display.

Beautiful frames for your family photographs

After each family photoshoot I do, there is the option to purchase from a wide range of beautiful products. The most popular items are the large framed prints. I use a specialist company that offer stylish, modern frames to present your family photos. You can choose to have one favourite image in a large frame, or up to nine images in a storyboard frame. There really are options to suit everyone.

Albums to tell your family story

I can also design an album for you, which is a wonderful way to tell the story of your family. I use one of the UK’s top suppliers, who make luxurious albums with thick lay-flat paper. Not only will you love your stunning album now, but it will be enjoyed by your family for generations to come.

Mounted prints and contemporary aluminium!

Another alternative is a print box, which contains ten 9×6” prints in white mounts. It comes with an elegant stand, so you can change which image you show as often as you like. Or if you prefer you can display them on the wall in your own frames. And if you want a really contemporary look, I offer gorgeous metal prints. Using the latest technology your image is mounted on polished aluminium. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also robust and waterproof. Not a bad idea if you have young children!

Printing your own family photos

If you’d prefer to print your own photos you can always choose one of my digital collections, and I’ll be happy to recommend a company where you can get your images printed beautifully. Whatever you decide to do I hope some of your images will end up on the walls around your home, to be loved and cherished every day.

an open spread of a family photo album a multi aperture frame above a blue sofa a mounted print of three boys a pile of photograph albums on a table a family photo album Two framed photographs above a bed a pile of photo albums photo frame on the wall mounted print box


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