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I absolutely love doing natural outdoor photography sessions for so many reasons. Firstly, nature really does provide the most beautiful backdrops for family portraits, which I’d much rather use than a plain white wall. And more importantly children are just so happy when they’re free to run around in an open space. This is wonderful to photograph and results in completely natural images. No false smiles or awkward poses – just real family life as it happens.

Natural outdoor photography sessions in your local park

Some of my London family photography sessions do take place in the family home. This is ideal for a newborn baby and can also work well with older children, as they are so comfortable in their own home. But for most of my family photoshoots we spend some or all of the time outdoors, usually in the family’s favourite park. This works brilliantly as the children are free to let off steam in a place they know so well. While I try and keep up and capture the action as it happens!

My favourite fun portrait

The image below is from a recent London family photoshoot and I just love the energy of it. These two lovely and lively sisters were having so much fun in their local park. They tried to fly their kite, which didn’t work brilliantly as there wasn’t enough wind, but was great to photograph! They chased bubbles and played with the blossom on the ground. But this image of them running towards each other for a huge hug turned out to be one of my favourites. Although you can’t see the look on the older sister’s face, the younger one’s expression makes up for both of them! Just pure, excited happiness to be running into her sister’s arms.

If you’d like some genuine moments of your children captured in beautiful images, please do get in touch to book your own natural outdoor photography session. Details on how I work can be found here London Family Photographer

two little girls running towards each other with outstretched arms


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