Sibling Portrait

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I love this sibling portrait, taken a few years ago. The sweet smile on the little boy’s face is delightful and the way his older sister is looking at him equally wonderful. And the story behind this image will show a little about the way I work when I’m on a London family photography session.

I met up with the family at their home just before Christmas. The mum, who I had met at a school fair (where I had a stand promoting my family photography) was keen to have some natural portraits of her two children together. We started the session in their home, capturing lots of relaxed shots using the Christmas tree as a festive backdrop.

London family photography sessions in your local park

We then wandered up the road to the family’s local park. This always works well, as the children feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, making the photos look completely natural. After having lots of fun running around and playing hide and seek, I was really happy with the variety of images we had from our family photoshoot. So it was time to make our way back to the family home, collect my gear and say goodbye.

A natural sibling portrait

However, I never feel like the session is over until I’m actually driving away in my car. I’m always ready to capture any last-minute action! And on this morning, I was so happy I had my camera to hand when we arrived back at the family home. As in the street there was some building work going on and a large digger had arrived. The little boy was overjoyed to see it at work. His sister lifted him up so he could get a better view and I captured the image below. The boy was so happy to watch the machinery, and his older sister was just happy to see his joy.

I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do. It’s lovely to be able to share some of my favourite photos while we’re in lockdown. To see more of my work please follow this link London Family Photographer

sibling portrait

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