Vacation Photography in Borough Market

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Every year I photograph lots of lovely families on holiday in London. The biggest decision we have to make before we meet is where we are going to do the photography session. The options in this amazing city really are endless! With this family however, it was easy. The mum had lived in London, near Borough Market, several years back. So she thought it would be lovely to revisit the area, with her husband and baby boy. The decision was made. This London vacation photography session would take place around Tower Bridge, Shad Thames and Borough Market.

Relaxed vacation photography portraits

We met up early one morning near Tower Bridge and had a quick chat about how the family photography session would run. I like to get a mix of relaxed family portraits at the various London landmarks and capture more candid moments too. This family were such fun to photograph. The parents were so happy to be exploring London with their very cute baby boy and their joy shone through in the images.

We wandered around this beautiful part of London chatting and taking photos. Most of the time the little boy was in the loving arms of his parents. But it was very cute to see him taking some tentative steps on some grass near City Hall, with his proud parents holding tight!

My favourite wall at Borough Market!

We finished this vacation photography session in Borough Market. The area brought back so many happy memories for the mum and I know these photos will be so meaningful to the whole family in years to come. That’s what it’s all about really – capturing these incredibly special times in photographs. And as we took the last few images by one of my favourite walls in London (the one covered in hearts) it felt like the perfect end to this perfect London holiday photography session.

Mum, dad and baby standing behind huge pan of cooking food. Man and lady holding baby between them. Mum and dad holding their baby up in front of City Hall in London. Baby pinching his dad's face in front of flowers. Mum, dad and baby cuddling. Mum and dad holding their baby while he tries to walk. Mum and Dad playing with their baby with trees in the background. Mum, dad and baby looking at their reflections. Mum lifting her baby up next to dad. Lady, man and little baby standing between two large hearts on drawn on a brick wall. Man and little baby standing next to big heart on wall. Family of three behind lots of red smoothie drinks. Parents with the baby and pram standing in Borough Market. Baby smiling with lady and man, with green bridge in the background. Mum and Dad lifting their baby in the air with trees in the background. Mum and dad kissing their baby, who is pulling a funny face. Mum, dad and baby with St Paul's Cathedral in the background

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