Vacation Photography at London Landmarks

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I spend a lot of each summer doing vacation photography at London landmarks. When your family visits London it’s the perfect opportunity to get some holiday portraits done. You’re at your most relaxed and you’re visiting an amazing city. So what could be better than to go home with a set of fantastic professional photos of your vacation?

I was over the moon when this lovely family booked their very own London vacation photography session. We decided to start the photoshoot in the area that turned out to be the most popular of 2019. We met at Shad Thames, just south of Tower Bridge and made our way from there to Borough Market.

Vacation photography at Shad Thames and the City of London

The street Shad Thames is a historic riverside street that runs to the east of Tower Bridge in Bermondsey. Shad Thames has also become the informal name for the surrounding area, which is full of beautiful converted warehouses. This location is really popular for photoshoots with its stunning backgrounds. And what I really love is that just to the west of Tower Bridge you can look across the River Thames and see the modern skyline of the City of London. The wonderful contrasts around Tower Bridge is London at its best for me.

Anyway, back to this particular London vacation photography session! The family were absolutely wonderful to photograph. Full of energy and easy in front of the camera. As we chatted about their life back home in America we got a variety of different images. Some relaxed portraits of them all together as well as some individual portraits. After that we made our way along the river until we got to Borough Market. I took lots of photos of the family as they enjoyed wandering around this amazing food market. Then we finished our holiday photoshoot at one of my favourite walls in London – the one with the hearts. I was so happy with all the images we got during our morning together and above we’d had fun doing it!

I really hope you enjoy these London vacation portraits. If you’re interested in booking some vacation photography at London landmarks please do get in touch!

Lady, boy and girl sitting under large structure. Two adults and three children looking across the River Thames to the City of London. Lady, girl and boy in front of the City of London. Family of five in front of wall with heart mural on it. Mum cuddling her daughter with boy standing next to them. Three smiling children in a park. Girl smiling in a market. Three children sitting and standing on a high monument. Girl reaching out to hand. Girl wearing a hat, leaning on colourful wall. Boy with hat leaning his elbow on brick wall. Smiley lady leaning on brick wall. Boy sitting on ground leaning on brick wall. Three people leaning on wall with heart on, with cyclist going past.

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