Tower Bridge Family Portrait – A Silhouette

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I’m so excited to share this very special Tower Bridge family portrait with you. It was taken last year on one of my London vacation photography sessions and I love it!

London Vacation Photography along the Southbank

I do a lot of vacation photoshoots all over London. They are for families who are on holiday in this amazing city and would love a set of fantastic professional photos to remind them of their special trip to London. When families book sessions with me we decide on a location that will work best for them. A lot of them would like to include some of London’s famous landmarks into the photographs so choose the Southbank. There are so many amazing sights to see along the River Thames. There are the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral to name but a few. But one of the most spectacular, and one of my favourites, is Tower Bridge.

When this family booked their London vacation photography session they chose the area around Tower Bridge for their photos. When I arrived for the family photoshoot I noticed how perfect the conditions were for creating a silhouette with Tower Bridge in the background. The sun was low and bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Tower Bridge Family Portrait

So as soon as we started the shoot we headed to the spot I thought would work best for the photo I had in mind. I made sure everyone was side on to the camera, so I could see their profiles, and took a number of shots of them with the sun and Tower Bridge behind. I was so happy with the resulting image, especially with the sunburst in between the little boy and girl being carried.

If you’re interested in a London Vacation Photography session, please do get in touch. I’d love to explore London with you and create a very special holiday portrait of your family. Details can be found here London Vacation Photographer

Tower Bridge family portrait

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