St Paul’s family portrait

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One of my favourite photos of the summer is this St Paul’s family portrait. I took it during a family photography session in the most fantastic of London locations. I’d photographed the family in their home on Christmas Eve a few years ago. So it was lovely to meet up again for a totally different kind of family photoshoot.

A central London family photography session

The family live in Central London and often spend their weekends wandering around Borough Market. They wanted the photos to reflect their typical weekend, so we began the photoshoot in this wonderful food and drink market. I absolutely love photographing in this vibrant part of London. The colours are amazing and there are so many brilliantly interesting backgrounds for the photos.

After taking a variety of natural family photos we walked around the River Thames towards The Tate Modern. The plan was to include this striking contemporary art gallery in some of the images. And the next stunning backdrop was to be St Paul’s Cathedral, just the other side of the River Thames. We made our way on to the Millennium Bridge and it was amazing to see how quiet it was. Usually on a Saturday morning it’s full of people exploring this wonderful part of the city. But London is eerily quiet these days. It feels so strange but is obviously an advantage for a London family photographer!

Creating a fun St Paul’s family portrait

I really wanted to create a natural image to reflect this family’s fun personality. So I asked them to just ignore me and have fun playing on the Bridge. The little boy snuggled up with his mum to have a chat, and the lively girl ran to and from her dad. I was so pleased to capture this moment of their family life in such a spectacular setting. And I was overjoyed to hear that it was one of the family’s favourite images from our morning together.

If you’d like your very own family portraits taken at your favourite London monument, please do get in touch.  More examples of my work can be seen here London Vacation Photographer

St Paul's family portrait

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