A Very Special Family Wedding at Asia House Marylebone

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I was delighted when Nisha and Simon got in contact last year about photographing their wedding at Asia House Marylebone. I love photographing weddings and I also really love photographing children. To my delight this wedding day was going to be the perfect combination of the two. The couple already had two children, one girl and one boy. Rather than the wedding preparation photos revolving around the bride to be, Nisha was keen for the focus to be on the children. The intention was to capture a very special Day in the Life of two children on their parents’ wedding day.

I arrived at the family home early in the morning of what was going to be a scorching hot day last summer. There was a bustle of activity going on preparing the house and garden for all the guests, who would be returning to the family home after the ceremony. The two children were very involved with getting everything ready too. They were making cards and table decorations. They were helping their grandparents in the kitchen and welcoming other family members. Glasses needed to be counted and shoes polished – it was a busy morning!

Wedding at Asia House Marylebone

Once everyone was ready we jumped in a couple of taxis and made our way to the ceremony. They had chosen Asia House in Marylebone for the service, what a fantastic choice! It’s a very striking building, not too far from Oxford Street, with a bright red door. The children were so excited by this point I thought they were going to burst!

The service, in the wonderfully airy upstairs room, was beautiful and followed by a drinks reception downstairs. Then after a few photos on the steps of Asia House we made our way back to the family home. Here the party really got going, with plenty of cocktails and pizza.

This London wedding was completely perfect! For me it summed up everything I love about being a London wedding and family photographer. The emotion of a couple vowing to spend their lives together and the fun that always comes when photographing two lively children. I hope you enjoy seeing these special wedding photos as much as I enjoyed making them. 

Little boy holding green card saying "Happy Wedding Day" Girls legs while she plays with lego. Girl and boy sitting on squashing man in armchair. Boy looking puzzled with lady looking on. Little boy looking up and holding on the man's legs. Little girl with pink wings on her back. Little boy with his face squished up against window. Little girl helping man polish his shoes. Boy laughing while old man reads card. Little girl hugging lady in colourful dress. Little flower girl looking at lots of wine glasses. Man putting shoes on boy lying on the floor. Little girl filling her nails. Taxi pulling up outside Asia House Marylebone. Pageboy looking at of large window. Bridesmaid with flowers in her hair looking happy. Boy walking down stairs looking excited. Guests at wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid smelling flowers during wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid looking up at bride and groom in wedding ceremony. Bride and groom looking each other in wedding ceremony. Bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony. Little hands touching a bracelet. Boy looking excited when he's given a drink. Bride and groom coming down steps with guests blowing bubbles on them. Boy pulling funny face. Bride and groom hugging.

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