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Here’s something a little different of mine – a professional teenage portrait. A lot of the photos I show are of young children jumping around and being crazy, just like they should be! Eventually these little ones grow into teenagers and I love to photograph them! It’s so different from photographing young kids and needs a different approach.

Fun family photography sessions – even for your teenager!

As a mum of two teenage children myself, I know that sometimes the last thing they want is to be seen in public with me. There really aren’t many more things in their lives that are more embarrassing! And a typical teenager’s idea of fun might not necessarily be to have a photoshoot in the park with their parents and siblings. If you’ve booked one of my London family photography sessions and that’s the case, then you can stop worrying now. I have my ways of getting uncertain teenagers on side. So you can just relax and enjoy the family photography session. And who knows – they might even enjoy the experience too!

With the young lady in this professional teenage portrait I actually had no worries. She was the eldest of four children and was completely delightful. The family photography session took place in the family’s favourite London park. It was a slightly drizzly day but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

My favourite professional teenage portrait

After taking a variety of natural family photos it was time to get some individual portraits of each child. This is something I like to do on all my family photoshoots. As the lovely girl leant against one of the huge tree trunks in the park, we chatted about life with three younger siblings. I took a number of shots of her, some looking at the camera, some not, and this particular portrait turned out to be my favourite.

If you’re interested in a relaxed family photography session please do get in touch. Details of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer

Girl with long hair leaning against a tree

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