Professional musician portraits on location – St John’s Smith Square

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When I take professional musician portraits the sessions take place outdoors on location. This way we can produce some really natural images that the musician can then use for a variety of purposes. For their social media platforms and their website. Or perhaps for the programme of a particular concert. This was the case in this London musicians photography session.

Tom had a very important concert coming up and needed a new headshot image for the programme. He was due to perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto at St John’s Smith Square and wanted to get a variety of natural images of him with his violin. We thought it would be appropriate to take the musicians portraits in the area around St John’s Smith Square in Westminster.

So we met up one afternoon, had a quick chat about the musicians photoshoot, and set to work! Well I call it work but it never seems like that! Tom was such good fun and the two-hour photography session just flew by.

Professional musician portraits at the concert venue

We got such a great variety of images and I just wanted to share some of them here. One of my favourite portraits is the first image where Tom is leaning against some railings holding his violin. I also really like the photo of him sitting by one of the huge columns of St John’s Smith Square. He looks so happy and relaxed as he contemplates the upcoming concert due to take place in this fantastic venue.

I enjoyed this London musicians photography session with Tom so much. And I was overjoyed to hear how happy he was with the photos. It’s given him a fantastic selection of images with his violin that he’ll be able to use for years to come.

If you need some publicity photos to update your website, social media or for a particular project please do get in touch. I’d love to hear about your musical life and create some unique images for you. Details of my London musicians photography sessions can be found here London Musicians Photographer

Man leaning against wall holding a violin and bow. Man sitting on a bench holding a violin and bow. Man sitting down holding a violin and bow. Man playing the violin.

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