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Have I mentioned before how much I love being a professional London vacation photographer? Maybe just once or twice?! Well I really really do! It’s such a wonderful job and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to spend my time doing it. I get to meet new families from all over the world while they are on holiday in this amazing city that I call home. And we get to explore London’s best landmarks together and have a few laughs along the way!

As I know from when I go on holiday with my own family it really is a very special time. Not only are you visiting a fantastic location but you’re also spending quality time with your loved ones. You’re probably at your happiest and most excited, so it’s the perfect time to book a professional London vacation photographer and record these memories forever.

Professional London vacation photographer at Tower Bridge

This lovely family did just that and got in touch about photographing them when they were visiting London. We decided to do most of the vacation photography session around Tower Bridge. A lot of my family photoshoots are in this area of London and it always works brilliantly. Not only do you have the obvious landmarks – Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and City Hall. But there are so many lesser known quirky streets and colourful walls, slightly off the beaten track, that are fantastic for family portraits.

It was such fun getting to know this couple and their incredibly sweet baby girl, who behaved impeccably for the whole vacation session! Even when we stopped for a quick coffee and snack she carried on smiling and I got quite a few more images that I love.

If you’re visiting London and would like to have some professional family photographs taken please do get in touch. And feel free to check out the vacation page on my website, which has lots of tips on booking a London vacation photography session.

Lady, man and baby looking at Tower Bridge. Lady and man with sunglasses holding little baby girl. Family of three standing in front of the Tower of London. Mum, dad and baby sitting with Tower Bridge in the background. Family of three in front of colourful wall. Mum kissing her baby girl in front of colourful wall. Little girl with bow in her hair held by man. Little baby girl with sunglasses falling off. Little girl laughing and holding hands of two grown ups. Very smiley little baby girl. Girl other end of table smiling with her tongue out. Little girl waving with her hand. Little girl pointing with City of London in the background. Lady holding baby girl up in front of trees. Mum and dad with baby girl in front of trees.

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