Professional Family Photographer at Tower Bridge and Borough Market

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There are so many fantastic things about being a professional family photographer. It really is a job that I feel very lucky to have! With the lifestyle family photography sessions that I offer I spend a lot of time outdoors with fantastic families in amazing locations. What’s not to love?

This family wanted to book a professional photographer to capture some iconic London images of them all together. The American family had moved to London a few years ago, but now the elder two sons were living back in America for their studies. With the boys returning to London to all be together to celebrate Thanksgiving it was a great opportunity to get some really special family portraits. Especially as the family now had a new puppy, who of course had to be included in some of the photographs.

Professional Family Photographer at Tower Bridge

The family were keen to include London’s iconic Tower Bridge in the images. Then one of them would be used as the picture on the family Christmas card. So we got a variety of photographs in front of this fabulous London sight. One of my favourite images is the first in the blog. The family are having such fun together with Tower Bridge in the background. And there’s also a huge silver Christmas tree next to them. Doesn’t really get much more Christmassy than that does it?

Another image that I really like is the one where they are in front of the Dickens Inn. The family chatted together by this historic building, with a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath in the background and I took a few photos. At this moment the gorgeous little puppy did a massive yawn, which luckily I caught on camera! It almost looks like the puppy is singing to the family and the photograph makes me smile every time I look at it!

Family of six standing together in front of Tower Bridge. Family of six and a dog standing together in front of Tower Bridge. Family of six and a dog standing together in front of Tower Bridge. Six people standing in front of the Dickens Inn the a huge Christmas tree. Family of six holding their dog who is yawning. Family of six standing in front of a red, London phonebook. Six people laughing in front of a colourful wall. Two boys, three men and a lady walking through a tunnel. Six people standing in front of wall with a large heart on it. Family of six looking across the River Thames towards Tower Bridge.

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