Portraits of Sisters

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I had such a fun time taking these portraits of sisters. They were lovely to spend time with and obviously had a great relationship, which I hope I captured in the images. We did most of the photoshoot in the family home and garden, and also took some photos in the street just outside their house. This gave us great variety in the portrait photographs that we ended up with.

Relaxed London headshot photography

When I do my headshot photography sessions with one person, I try and make them feel as comfortable as possible by chatting away about anything and everything. In this situation it was so easy with these sisters, as they had each other to talk to about everything under the sun. It certainly made my job very easy!

They were absolutely delightful young ladies, and obviously very talented too. One was already at university, the other studying for A levels. It was fascinating to hear about their lives, and I loved creating some natural portraits for them and their parents to enjoy forever.

Natural and fun portraits of sisters

Some of my favourite portraits from this sibling portrait session, are the ones at the end of the blog post. The girls were standing outside their front door, and by this point were pretty relaxed about the whole thing. We managed to capture some beautifully natural smiles and laughter from both these lovely sisters. And I love the fact that the backdrop is the front door of their family home. This will mean so much to all the family in years to come.

If you’re interested in booking a portrait photography session, whether it’s just you or with another member of your family, please do get in touch. I’d love to photograph you in a relaxed, fun photoshoot. To see more of my portraits please do take a look at my website here London Headshot Photographer

Two young ladies looking at each other as they walk down a street Young lady holding onto a railing. Young lady leaning against railing. Two girls laughing with foliage behind them. Young lady playing the harp. Two young ladies chatting on a sofa with photo behind them. Two smiling girls. Two young ladies walking past railing and red brick building. Portraits of two girls leaning on their hands. Two young ladies in front of terraced house. Two young ladies leaning on wall in front of house

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