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As well as photographing families and weddings I also offer London musicians photography sessions. These photoshoots can take place on location anywhere in London. The Southbank is one place that works really well, as do most of the London parks. The photos can then be used by the musician for their publicity. Sometimes the images are for a new website of a musician launching their career. Or the musician might need one very special image for the cover of a CD they’ve recorded. Or perhaps they need a new headshot to use in a programme for an upcoming concert. Whatever the reason, I just love photographing musicians and creating a variety of relaxed and natural portraits.

London Musicians Photography session in St. James’s Church Piccadilly

The musician in the photograph below is Elena, the most wonderful pianist and composer. She wanted to get a variety of images that she could use for her publicity. The first part of the musicians photography session, with piano, took place in St. James’s Church Piccadilly. Then we moved into the park to capture some natural headshots and also some photographs that would portray Elena as a composer.

Natural portraits of a composer

As a storytelling photographer I needed to convey in one image that Elena was a composer. So, we found a bench in the most beautiful light and Elena sat down facing into the sun. She had brought a piece of music with her and a pencil and looked thoughtfully into the distance as I clicked away. I just love this image of a talented young composer. It looks as if she’s thinking about the next notes to be added to her new symphony.

I also think she looked fantastic in her white suit and bright red shoes. It all contributes to a really striking musicians portrait.

If you need any new musicians publicity photographs please do get in touch. I’d love to create a special storytelling image for you to use to wow your audiences!


Lady in white suit and red shoes, sitting on a bench holding a pencil and music.

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