Playground Portraits

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I was delighted with these playground portraits, which I took during a recent London family photography session. When families book one of my London family photoshoots, they are sometimes worried about how they are going to keep their children still while I take the photos! I completely understand their concerns, as when my two were little I had the exact same thoughts! The answer is – I don’t try and get them to be still at all. They can do exactly as they please and have fun, while I capture natural candid portraits of them.

Natural family photography

Whether your family photography session is in your home or your favourite London park, you and your children can enjoy spending time together and pretend I’m not there (I promise I won’t be offended!) I might guide you sometimes, but I won’t ask you to stare at the camera for ages, smiling awkwardly for the photographs. I much prefer to take completely natural photos of your family and capture genuine laughter, rather than forced smiles.

Happy playground portraits

This is why I really enjoy doing part of my London family photography sessions at the playground. Especially if it’s one that your children are familiar with and will therefore feel really comfortable in. The children often don’t even notice me and my camera and just have fun on their favourite swing or seesaw. And I can create beautiful, unique portraits of your children doing what they love best.

Festive family portraits

The two photos below were taken during a wonderful London family photoshoot just before Christmas. We’d started the session in the family home, getting a variety of natural family portraits in front of the Christmas tree. We then made our way to the family’s local park. After getting some more portraits at some of my favourite spots in this beautiful park, we finished our session at the playground. I was so pleased with these two fun portraits. The children look so happy, and I love how the vibrant red colour links both portraits together.

If you’d like some fun playground portraits taken of your children, please do get in touch. You can find more of my London family portraits here London family photographer

playground portraits


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