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Working as a newborn baby photographer must be one of the best jobs in the world! I feel so lucky to be welcomed into homes to photograph families with their new bundle of joy. It’s such a special time in family life and to be asked to record it is a privilege indeed.

Baby photography in the comfort of your own home

I prefer to do my London newborn photography sessions in the family home, rather than a studio. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, as I remember when my two children first arrived, it’s so hard to get out of the house with a newborn! I can’t imagine how stressed I would have been in those early weeks if I’d had to travel and turn up for a photography session at a particular time! It’s so much more relaxing to have the newborn photoshoot in the comfort of your own home.

Secondly, rather than having plain studio walls in the background, it’s much more meaningful to have your family home providing the backdrop to the images. And also, if there are older siblings it can be easier to have them in their own home too. Rather than running around in a park when you’re trying to take the family portraits!

Newborn baby photographer at Christmas

I loved photographing the family in the photos below. This newborn photography session took place just before Christmas. As well as the gorgeous baby girl and her doting parents, there was also a very proud older sister and loving grandparents there too. So it really was a fun session! And as the parents had booked one of my longer sessions it was very relaxed. We had lots of time to photograph different family groups and create a variety of natural family portraits. There was also time to capture some more candid moments of the family enjoying spending this precious time together.

I hope you enjoy seeing this selection of newborn photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you have a baby due and would like to book one of my newborn baby photography sessions, please do get in touch. More examples of my baby photography can be found here London Baby Photographer

large family group with little girl and baby man holding baby with little girl smiling next to him lady holding her newborn baby baby sleeping two ladies, girl and newborn baby old man laughing surrounded by other people man and lady holding baby in front of colourful wall man and lady with tiny baby large family group with newborn baby man and lady looking at tiny baby mum holding baby with girl looking at her sleeping baby on cushion girl cuddling baby newborn lying on large bed tiny baby asleep mum and dad looking at newborn baby Little girl cuddling newborn baby Girl with star top looking at baby little girl laughing with little baby family of four lying down lady, girl and baby lying down man dancing with little girl lady and girl tying scarf on man's head two ladies and a man with newborn baby Mum looking at baby on sofa newborn baby girl with hands on the head

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