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As well as working as a London family photographer I also offer a natural school photography service. It’s something I really enjoy doing, so I was delighted to return recently to a school I photograph every year – Fulham Boys School.

Natural School Photography in Fulham

Every time I return to this wonderful school, I take photos for their website and new prospectus. The school has now been open for nearly seven years, and it’s been amazing to watch it grow and develop. This year was particularly special as Fulham Boys School had finally moved into its permanent site on Fulham Road. It was so exciting to explore this fantastic new building. It’s been brilliantly designed to suit all the needs of the Fulham Boys. And it was also a photographer’s dream – with huge windows letting in lots of lovely natural light.

I made my way in and out of the classrooms, taking natural school portraits of the boys hard at work. I also spent some time out in the playground, capturing candid moments of the boys chatting and playing.

Then I visited several of the many fantastic clubs that the school offers. It was great to photograph the boys playing chess, creating some culinary delights in the kitchen and making music in the school orchestra.

Sports photography in Fulham

I finished my day of natural school photography with a trip to the local playing fields where the boys take part in various sports. FBS is passionate about its sport and I enjoyed photographing the boys playing rugby, football, cricket and tennis.

I really enjoyed this very special visit to the Fulham Boys School and look forward to seeing the images in their new prospectus. If you’re interested in my London School Photography please do get in touch. To see other areas of my work please visit my website here London Family Photographer

Six schoolboys getting science supplies in the classroom. Six young men in suits chatting and laughing together. Two boys smiling in the classroom. Schoolboy smiling while reading from a piece of paper. Schoolboy smiling in a classroom. Two schoolboys reading. Two schoolboys playing chess. Schoolboys looking at the back of a computer. Two schoolboys cooking. Boy staring at a computer screen. Schoolboy playing a guitar. Two boys playing trumpet and clarinet. Boy sitting at a keyboard smiling. schoolboy cutting paper in class. Boy cutting a piece of paper in the classroom. boy working in the classroom school boy reading a book two schoolboys laughing school boy in the playground schoolboys looking at a laptop boy chasing a rugby ball. boy catching a rugby ball. three boys playing football boys playing cricket two boys playing basketball boy playing tennis boy eating lunch and smiling



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