Natural portrait of brothers

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I’m so happy to share this natural portrait of brothers with you. I took it during a recent London family photography session. Actually, to be precise, I took it within the first minute of this family photoshoot!

Natural portrait of brothers and toys!

Sometimes when I arrive at the family home it can take a little while to encourage the best smiles from young children. But not with these two! After a quick chat with their parents, I got my camera out and sat down on the floor near where the boys were happily playing. The floor behind them was strewn with toys, which I love as it’s real life. I don’t need clean backgrounds for my family portraits, the backdrop of family life will do just nicely.

As soon as I sat down both boys were fascinated with my camera. And as they looked with interest, they also gave me the biggest beaming smiles. Just like that we had a gorgeous portrait of these two siblings, playing happily together amongst their favourite toys. And they didn’t stop with one smile, they carried on for ages. I think it’s one of the best starts I’ve ever had as a London family photographer!

Relaxed family portraits

After a while we got some relaxed portraits of the whole family together, which were fun and full of more smiles. Then we decided to head outside and have a change of scene for the photographs. The family home was in a fabulous London location, right next to the River Thames and with lots of green space. This provided some perfect backdrops for more relaxed family portraits and lots of candid shots of the boys playing with their cars and tractors.

I hope you enjoy seeing this smiley brothers’ portrait as much as I enjoyed taking it. If you’d like your own children photographed in a relaxed London family photography session, please do get in touch. Details on how my family photoshoots work can be found here London Family Photographer

natural portrait of brothers

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