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I enjoyed this recent family photography session so much. It took place in May, we had perfect weather and the children (and parents!) were delightful to photograph. The family had booked a one-hour session with me after I had photographed their daughter at her nursery school. And one hour together gave us plenty of time to create a great variety of natural family portraits.

I offer two different length photography session for families. A one-hour photoshoot that takes place in one location, usually outdoors in the family’s favourite park. Or a 3-hour session, where we can do lots of photos around the family home and then move on to the local park or further afield. This longer session allows for more documentary coverage of the family as they go about their normal life, but still includes time for relaxed portraits of the family together.

Natural family portraits with a variety of backgrounds

When I do my shorter sessions I still want to achieve a mix of portraits and more candid shots. So I find a few different spots, with beautiful backgrounds, where the family can sit or stand. I’ll take some photos of the family looking at the camera (I have my ways!) but then encourage everyone to ignore me and have fun together. This produces such genuine, natural portraits of the family interacting together, which usually end up being their favourite photographs from the session.

In between these different family portrait settings, I let the children just play. I love this part of the photoshoot! You never quite know what the children will do, and it creates such spontaneous moments and guarantees that no two family photography sessions are ever the same, even with families that I photograph every year.

I hope you enjoy seeing some natural family portraits from this wonderful session. And if you’d like to create some for your very own unique family please do get in touch. Details can be found here London Family Photographer

Dad looking at little girl pulling a funny face. Family of four sitting on bench with brick wall behind them. Dad holding laughing girl in the air. Dad holding and cuddling little girl. Little girl looking through brick doorway. Little girl walking towards flowers. Girl smiling with greenery behind her. Little girl walking away along path. Family of four in tunnel of trees. Little girl walking down a path towards brick wall and doorway. Mum, dad, little girl and baby sitting on rug on grass. Baby in dungarees lying on blanket with toy rabbit. Mum and dad holding their babies in the air. Mum and dad with little girl walking and carrying baby. Little girl and baby lying on blanket. Mum and Dad watching baby blow bubbles. Family of four laughing with bubbles.

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