Natural Family Photography in London

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I’ve been photographing this wonderful family every year since their little girl was a tiny newborn. I can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my year! Each summer I return to their home for a natural family photography session and it’s always such good fun. The little girl is so full of energy and is on the move the whole time. From the moment I arrive to the moment I pack my camera away it’s non-stop action. Exactly the way I like it!

It’s also a very special photography session as there are lots of extended family there. It’s a great chance to take some special portraits with her parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle.

I particularly like the first photo in the blog. It looks as if the little girl is literally falling out of the door into the photoshoot! She was raring to go so that’s what we did!

Natural Family Photography Portraits

We always start with some relaxed natural portraits of the family. Sometimes, as with all children, it’s a challenge to get them to stay still long enough for a few portraits! But we always manage it somehow. And to be honest, my favourite images are usually not the ones where everyone’s smiling happily at the camera. I prefer photos like the one of the little girl with her favourite suitcase. She’s wheeling it around proudly, while her family wait patiently in the background for her to join in the family portrait.

Candid images of a family having fun

After the family portraits it was time for some play in the lovely large family garden. This is my favourite part of any family photography session. It’s a great chance to capture some really candid images of the family having fun. Despite the heat (do you remember the heatwave of last summer?!) this little one did not stop. She scooted, played football, rolled on the grass, played with bubbles…. it was exhausting just to photograph 😉

All too soon it was time to leave. I packed up my cameras, said goodbye and drove home, smiling all the way about the fun we’d all had together making beautiful family photos.

If you’re interested in a natural family photography session, please do get in touch. We can have so much fun creating a set of fantastic professional images, completely unique to your special family.
Little girl in flowery dress falling out of a doorway. Lady brushing little girl's hair Grown ups laughing with little girl. Girl jumping in front of her family Girl looking out of upstairs window. Girl in flowery dress walking in front of people with her little suitcase. Little girl cuddling a man and lady. Little girl pulling a funny face in between a man and lady. Girl laughing and holding her cuddly toy. Little girl lying on her bed with her toys. Man and lady hugging Girl waiting to catch a ball which is in man's hands Girl running on grass around man lying on grass. Girl chasing bubbles in front of green shed. Girl in stripey dress in front of white wall with her face in the sun. Girl in red and white stripey dress lying on the grass. Girl trying to catch a ball that has gone in her face. Little girl scooting in front of white wall towards her shadow Girl in red and white dress holding toy sword up in front of house. Girl lying on the grass holding onto her legs. Little girl playing with her dolls. Little girl walking into house.

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