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I’m having a little look back at a lovely family shoot I did over the summer in this blog post.  I often describe myself as a natural family photographer and I was thinking recently what that means. The main thing is that I want my family images to look as natural as possible but how to achieve that?

First of all, when choosing the location for the family session I ask the family if they have a favourite place where they like to hang out together. It could be at home or, as in the case of this family, at their favourite park. This way I know the family will be as happy and relaxed as possible, even with a camera pointing at them!

Secondly, although I’m happy to advise on what clothing to wear for the family photography session, at the end of the day it is up to the family. I just really want everyone to wear what they feel comfortable in.

Fun family photography sessions

Most importantly I make sure that the session itself is fun! I will recommend the best spots to take the photos – where the light and background are beautiful. And I will talk and joke with you all to make sure you feel comfortable. But I don’t pose you awkwardly, I just let the action happen in front of me and click away. If your little one doesn’t want to sit still they don’t have to. I’m nearly always wearing trainers for a reason! So I can run fast and photograph your child happily doing whatever they want to do!

Natural family photographer in the woods!

The family in the images below were wonderful to photograph! We went to a fantastic outdoor location close to the family home and the children (and parents!) had a great time running and playing amongst the trees. We got a huge variety of images – family and individual portraits and more candid shots. It was a brilliant morning of fun together!

If you’re looking for a natural family photographer to capture the true essence of your family, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet and photograph you all!

Brother and sister play fighting on a bench. Family of four laughing and sitting on a bench. Girl holding her toy and smiling in the park. Girl and boy walking away through the woods. Girl pulling boy's hand in the woods. Mum, dad, girl and boy kneeling down and cuddling. Boy leaning on cut down tree trunk looking pensive. dad carrying his son in woods. Girl and boy sitting next to each other laughing. family of four walking through the woods. Family of four sitting on a tree trunk. Boy blowing fairy dust with people in the background. Girl hanging from something. Family of four walking through the woods.


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