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Recently I’ve had the chance to look through some old photos and found this image from a natural couples photography session. It took place several years ago, in Battersea Park, with a lovely couple. I enjoyed the photoshoot so much and remember being really happy with this portrait at the time. The look between them is wonderful, and the setting perfect too.

Battersea Park – the perfect setting for any photoshoot!

Battersea Park is a fantastic location for couples photography and family photoshoots too. I find it one of the most interesting of the London Parks, with so much variety and hidden secrets. It’s a large Victorian Park of 200 acres, nestled between Albert Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. I’ve photographed many families wandering by the River Thames with Albert Bridge in the background. Theses photographs always look beautiful and are so special for families who spend their free time walking along the river path.

Battersea Park also has a picturesque bandstand, which is wonderful for family and couples portraits. Add in the beautiful little gardens, the fountains and the majestic London Peace Pagoda and you have the ultimate setting for any photoshoot.

Natural Couples Photography – it’s a walk in the park!

I really enjoy doing couples photography sessions. I always ask the couple to act as if they’re on a romantic walk around their favourite park. They can actually ignore me most of the time! Occasionally I’ll guide them towards the best light or background, but other than that I stay out of the way and photograph them just happy to be together.

Some of my couples photography sessions are part of my London wedding photography packages. These engagement sessions are a lovely way for me to get to know couples before their big day. They’re also a great opportunity for them to become comfortable in front of the camera.

If you’re interested in a couples photography session you can find more examples of my work here London Engagement Photographer. And details of my London Wedding Photography can be found here London Wedding Photographer

man and lady looking at each other in the park

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