Natural Children’s Photography

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During my family photography sessions I take lots of natural portraits and capture the more candid moments too. The funny or touching things that happen in families that also make great photographs. I wanted to share this image from a natural children’s photography session to illustrate my point.

This family photography session took place on a very hot summer’s day. It was with a lovely family of four – mum, dad, the little girl in the photo and a baby boy. The session started in the family home and then we moved on to their favourite park. Despite the heat (and it really was swelteringly hot!) we had lots of fun outside. We took a huge variety of natural family portraits and lots of photos of the children playing together too.

Genuine moments during natural children’s photography sessions

After some time, we decided to take shelter in the shade of a small building in the middle of the park. It was at this point that the little girl started to feel tired. I think the heat of the day and the excitement of the photoshoot was starting to get to her! As she rubbed her eyes I clicked away and took several frames on my camera. I hardly ever put my camera down during sessions. It’s often in the moments in between family portraits that you can get the most genuine shots.

I was so happy with this image when I looked through my photographs later that day. There’s a way that children rub their eyes when tired that we tend to stop doing as grown-ups. It’s so sweet and a real moment from a very hot day caught in a photograph forever.

Pretty soon after this we decided it was time to get an ice-cream! I can tell you it went down amazingly well on this scorching summer’s day and was the perfect end to this natural children’s photography session.

natural children's photography


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