Mum and baby portrait

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I was so happy with this mum and baby portrait from a recent family photography session. I just love the interaction between the mum and her beautiful baby girl. Unposed images like this often end up being my favourites from any photoshoot.

During my sessions I will advise families where to stand or sit. I’m always on the lookout for the best light and background. Once the family are in position, I take a few frames of them looking at me, then they can ignore me and just enjoy being together! I encourage the family to talk to each other, tell jokes, tickle the children – anything to produce some really spontaneous reactions. Then I click away and capture these beautiful moments that happen between family members.

Creating natural family images

In this particular London photography session, I was with a lovely family of three. It took place over the summer and we were blessed with a beautifully warm day. We met up nice and early, to make the best of the morning light and started the session with some relaxed portraits of the family. I then wanted to get some of the mum and baby together. At this point I often ask the member of the family who’s not in the photo (the dad in this case) to stand out of shot and make those who are in front of the camera laugh. This often ends up with some fun dad-dancing or similar, which produces exactly the reaction I want for the images. Sadly, I rarely get to see the dancing, as I’m busy taking the photographs, but you can’t have everything!

A beautiful mum and baby portrait

In this mum and baby portrait the mum was cuddling her daughter and I love the close, happy moment that was captured. The whole family photoshoot was amazing actually, as this sweet baby girl kept smiling for pretty much the whole time!

Summer feels like it’s coming to an end now, but if you’d like to book an Autumn family photography session and make the most of the beautiful light and wonderful colours, please do get in touch. Detail of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer

baby portrait

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