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On a beautiful afternoon in May I met up with Sarah & Mohamad in Crystal Palace. We spent some time getting some lovely portraits of them amongst the spring flowers. They were already officially married, so today was about celebrating with friends and family. After capturing a series of beautiful portraits of this lovely couple we headed to the Exhibition Rooms Crystal Palace. Here we were joined by family members to celebrate their wedding.

Working out the best locations for photographs

For all my photography sessions, whether they are for families, couples or musicians I like to arrive early. This gives me time to have a look around where we’re going to be doing the shoot. Then I can work out the best locations for the photos. I can see where the light’s going to work well, where there might not be too many people in the background. I like to do all this before the session starts, so we then can optimise the time we have for the portraits.

Beautiful Spring Portraits

I hadn’t photographed in Crystal Palace Park before so I arrived well before Sarah and Mohamad. I had time to work out a few spots that would work really well for the photographs. One thing I definitely wanted to include in the images were the beautiful yellow spring flowers. It’s so nice for the photos to have a context. I thought with this wonderful bright splash of colour, as in the first photo of the blog, the couple would always be transported back to the beautiful spring day when they celebrated their marriage with friends and family.

If you’re interested in having some engagement or wedding portraits taken, even if you’re already married, please do get in touch on or 07813 816335.

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