Engagement Photography with Becky & Derek at the Southbank

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When choosing a location for an engagement shoot with a couple I like to ask them if there’s a particular place that means a lot to them as it can bring an extra dimension to the photos. When I asked Becky and Derek that question they wanted to be close to the Shard as that was where Derek proposed. Not only was that a lovely romantic connection but it also happens to be a fabulous area near the river Thames with plenty of quirky and interesting features.

The original date we set turned out to be the same day as the London Marathon so we decided that moving it back a week was probably a good idea if we wanted the chance of a little peace. That turned out to be the right decision because when we met on the Sunday morning at the base of the Shard, Becky and Derek admitted they were a little nervous at the prospect of being photographed. I assured them that this was perfectly natural and we started off taking some shots on a few quiet side streets where they could get used to the camera without an audience.

I also try and help couples to ignore me a lot of the time so they can just get on with enjoying a chat and a stroll through the area and we can get some really natural shots. Sometimes this takes a little encouragement but these two turned out to be total naturals and within a few minutes they had completely relaxed. The beauty of a special location for the couple really helps as there can be a few touching moments where they remember a particular memory that has significance for them.

After a while we were ready to mingle with the crowds so we wandered around Borough Market before walking along the riverside, talking about their wedding plans and taking photos with different backdrops, not forgetting the Shard of course!

I can’t wait for their wedding in June – it sounds like it’s going to be wonderfully special and relaxed occasion.

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    Beautiful and natural photos ! A lovely reminder of a very special time for a very special couple . The Wedding Day photos will obviously be truly spectacular !! Thank you Alexa .


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