London Vacation Photoshoot – Tower Bridge

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This summer I have photographed lots of families on holiday in London. And I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single one of these vacation sessions! I love meeting families from all over the world and hearing about their lives. They are always so happy to be spending this precious family time together and excited to be exploring London. And this London Vacation Photoshoot was no exception – in fact it was pretty special!

London Vacation Photoshoot at sunrise!

One exciting thing about this London holiday session was that the lovely mother and daughter were happy to start the shoot just after sunrise. I can’t often persuade families to start that early, especially when they’ve just flown in from the USA and are jet-lagged! But I’m so pleased we got the early start as we managed to capture one of my favourite images of the whole summer. A silhouette of the young girl dancing in front of the Tower of London with the sun rising behind this historic building.

Dancing around Tower Bridge!

Which leads me to the other exceptional thing about this particular London Vacation photoshoot. This girl was so much fun and literally danced her way through the whole session! It was hard to believe that she’d had to get up so early for the photoshoot! She had so much energy and I hardly had to prompt her for any of the photos. She danced and danced around Tower Bridge, Shad Thames and The Shard.

After a very energetic couple of hours we had a bit of down time in Borough Market. This is one of my favourite locations for London vacation photography sessions. The mum and daughter had a wander around the fantastic food stalls and had a delicious looking ice-cream. I was tempted myself but knew it would end up all over my camera! Energy restored we made our way a bit further along the River Thames. We ended this London vacation photoshoot in style with some energetic running along the Millennium Bridge with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background!

I loved this holiday photography session so much and hope you enjoy seeing the resulting fun images. If you’re coming to London on holiday and are interested in having your very own vacation photography session, please do get in touch. I’d love to photograph your family and I promise dancing is entirely optional!

Silhouette of girl dancing in front of Tower Bridge. Girl looking across river at Tower Bridge. Girl in front of Tower Bridge and next to statue. Girl in front of Tower Bridge. Girl with arms stretched in front of colourful wall. Girl jumping in front of colourful wall. Girl in red phonebox. Girl walking across Tower Bridge looking behind her. Girl jumping across cobbled street. Girl with arms out dancing. Girl jumping off wall in front of the shard. mum and daughter looking at each other. Girl laughing in market. Mother and daughter sniffing thing in market. Girl holding out ice-cream. Girl running away from St Paul's Cathedral.

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