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What a delight it was to be a London twin baby photographer recently. Meeting and photographing families all over London is such a fantastic job to have. When there is a young baby in the family it’s pretty special. And when there are two young babies to be photographed it is just about the best job I can think of!

So I was over the moon when this lovely couple booked one of my London family photography sessions. They had welcomed fraternal twin daughters into the world last November. Because of the escalating covid situation they were unable to have any professional newborn portraits taken at the time. Now the lockdown was beginning to ease they were keen to have some family portraits taken outside in the summer sunshine.

The family lived in a beautiful area of London surrounded by acres of parkland, so I knew we would be spoilt for choice with backgrounds for the photos. As they had such young twins we began the session right outside their home. This meant they could relax and didn’t have to worry about travelling too far.

London Twin Baby Photographer with roses and lavender….

The first photos we took were in a picturesque courtyard. It was full of white roses and purple lavender, both of which featured in the family portraits. We then walked through a shaded tree-lined path, which worked perfectly for more family portraits. After that we arrived at a gorgeous open space full of long grass, where we captured some of my favourite images of the day. These are the ones where the mum and dad are holding their sweet smiling daughters up in the air. As the twins were just starting to sit up unaided, we also managed to take some photos of them alone, sitting in the long grass, which they were very happy to play with.

I enjoyed this twin baby photography session so much and was pleased when I heard the parents were delighted with the photos. If you’d like to see more of my London baby photography just follow this link London Baby Photographer

A man and lady holding up their baby twins in front of some trees. man, lady and two little babies sitting down. family of four sitting on bench with some roses behind them family of four standing behind some lavender mum, dad and baby twins. lady kissing one baby with another baby in her arms and a man looking on man and lady carrying their twin babies in a pretty courtyard garden man and lady walking with their twins babies past some lavender lady and man with their two babies. family of four standing in front of trees family of four standing in the long grass mum and dad holding up their twin babies lady kissing a baby, man looking another baby in front of the trees two twin babies sitting in the long grass two babies playing in the long grass man, lady and 2 babies in front of a brick wall lady kissing baby held by man

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