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This image was from my last London travel photography session before lockdown. I had no idea when I took the photo that we were so close to our lives turning upside down. All my London vacation sessions booked in over the next few months have had to be postponed. I feel so sorry for the families whose travel plans have been disrupted, but it’s more important that we all stay home right now and keep everyone safe.

Although I’m really missing all my family photography sessions, I’m using this free time as positively as I can. I’m making some changes to parts of my business and sorting out things that have been on my “to do” list for years! And I’m still enjoying looking through the photos from this wonderful London vacation photography session.

Planning your London Vacation Photography Session

I love meeting up with families from all over the world who are on holiday in London. For some it’s their first time in this amazing city and they are so excited about their adventure. When we book the photoshoot, I ask the family where they would most like to have their vacation photos taken. With my one-hour session we choose one area. With my three-hour session we can cover quite a few locations. If families are not quite sure where they’d like to have their family portraits taken I can recommend routes that I know work well.

This lovely American family had booked one of my longer family photoshoots and were happy to walk a fair distance. So we started their vacation photography session near Buckingham Palace and finished at Covent Garden. Along the route we included lots of London’s stunning landmarks in the background and crossed the River Thames twice!

Documentary London Travel Photography

When we met up we had a quick chat and then I started photographing them straight away. Although I take a lot of relaxed family portraits during my shoots I take more photos of the family just interacting with each other and having fun exploring London. This is one of the first frames of the day, where the family are standing in front of Buckingham Palace and the parents are telling their children about the fun morning they have planned. It’s such a natural, fun image and everyone looks so happy to be on holiday in London.

If you’re planning a trip to London when this crisis is over, how about documenting your travels with a professional family photoshoot? Details of my London Vacation Photography sessions can be found here London Vacation Photographer

London travel photography - family of four by Buckingham Palace

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