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Working as a London travel photographer is such a fascinating job and I love it! I get to meet and photograph families from all over the world when they travel to London on holiday. What’s not to like? Often they are keen to have some natural family portraits taken at London’s famous landmarks. Sometimes they would like to include something a little different into the London vacation photography session. If they ask for suggestions I’m always happy to give them!

London travel photographer in Shoreditch

This particular family had chosen to have some of their vacation photographs taken near Tower Bridge. They were also keen to explore somewhere less known, so I suggested Shoreditch. I absolutely love this quirky area of East London. It is perfect for fun family portrait photography because of its endless supply of colourful wall art. The amazing murals are everywhere, and it really is worth a visit if you haven’t already been.

We explored this vibrant area of Shoreditch and got a variety of relaxed family portraits by different walls. Some of the murals we used I had suggested, some the family chose themselves. In the images below, I’ve also included some individual portraits of each child in the family. I don’t always show these headshot portraits on my website. This is because I tend to be drawn more towards the action photos of families engaging with each other. But I do take them at every family and vacation photography session as it’s lovely for the parents to have some great portraits of each of their children alone.

The perfect London family portrait

One of my favourite images from our morning together is the first one below. I saw the word “LOVE” written in huge writing and fantastic colours on a wall. We just had to have a family portrait there as above all that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a London travel photographer please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you while you’re on holiday and find the ideal location for your unique family. More details on my London vacation photography can be find here London Vacation Photographer

family standing in front of a wall with LOVE written in huge writing. Family of five standing next to a bicycle. Three children jumping in front of colourful wall. Mum and Dad cuddling their son. Mum looking at her smiling daughter. Boy sitting smiling between his two parents. Man, lady, two boys and a girl cuddling up. Family of five walking hand in hand. Mum, dad and three children in front of graffiti on wall. Three children with their faces close to each other. Boy smiling and leaning on brick wall. Boy smiling by brick wall. Girl smiling by brick wall. Man and lady looking at each other. Family of five walking past colourful wall. Family five standing in front of colourful wall.

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