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What exactly is storytelling photography? I sometimes call myself a London storytelling photographer, so I thought I’d have a go at explaining what it means to me.

In general I’m not too keen on photography labels. In all my photography sessions I’m pretty flexible and happy to go with the flow. Some families would like more formal, but relaxed, portraits. Photographs of the whole family together, looking at the camera and (hopefully) smiling! I’m really happy to do this and can still capture lots of more candid moments in between these group portraits. Other families just want fun, unscripted images of them playing with their children. Some parents don’t even want to be in the photos themselves. Although I do normally persuade them to be in a few at some point. After all they don’t have to show anyone else the photos. And these images will be so precious to the children as they grow up.

What makes this London family photographer happy!

But the style I’m drawn to the most is storytelling photography. If I can come away from a family photography session with an image that tells the story of that family I’m one very happy London family photographer!

I love the image below as it says so much about this wonderful family. The little baby boy on the big slide, so excited and a little nervous. His shoeless feet stretched out with delight. Looking at his daddy who is waiting to catch him, making sure he’ll be safe if he slides down slightly too fast! His mummy with her beautiful smile, not quite ready to let go of his tiny hand. This family portrait is by no means formal. It’s a moment caught in time and says everything to me about this close family unit.

London Storytelling Photographer for your unique family

I really hope you like this family storytelling image as much as I do. If you’d like me to create one of your special family, please do get in touch. We can decide how best to tailor one of my family photography sessions to suit your needs. Details of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer


Baby on a slide with two grown ups

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