Favourite Musicians Portraits – Louisa – Clapham Omnibus

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For the next in my series of favourite musician images I’ve chosen this one of Louisa. It was taken a few years ago in Clapham and is still one of my favourite London Musicians Portraits. I’m doing several of these favourite image series in the different genres of photography that I do. My work as a professional London photographer is really varied and I love it! I photograph families, weddings, musicians and do lots of London headshot photography and no two days are ever the same! People often ask me which my favourite portraits are that I’ve taken over the years. I thought it would be nice to share some of the photographs with you and also my thought process behind creating the images.

Natural London Musicians Portraits

I took this musicians portrait of Louisa in the Clapham Omnibus, a fascinating building situated next to Clapham Common. The Omnibus is an award-winning independent theatre in this lovely area of South London. I met up with Louisa, an incredibly talented young violinist, one morning. She was achieving huge success already in the classical music world and needed some professional musicians portraits for her publicity.

The musicians photography session began in Clapham Common, as I love doing at least part of all sessions outdoors. We got some beautiful natural London musicians portraits of Louisa amongst the trees and in the bandstand. We were then allowed to take some photographs inside Clapham Omnibus, as Louisa had performed several times in the venue. After getting some striking images in the streets around the theatre, which had some brilliantly colourful backgrounds, we made our way inside the building.

A musician amongst the paintings

I was immediately struck with the wall in the image below as soon as I saw it. It was full of colour, which I love, and had a perfect space for Louisa to fit in amongst the paintings on the wall. I just knew it was going to make a unique, creative musicians portrait. Louisa sat down with her violin case and I took several photographs of her in this spot. In some of the images she was smiling at me, in some she was looking away, but this one, with her direct gaze at the camera, is my favourite. Louisa was so relaxed in front of the camera all morning and I just love her look in this image. And I think all the colours in the room around her work perfectly too. I hope you enjoy this London musicians portrait as much as I do.

If you’re in need of some new musicians images for your publicity, please do get in touch. As well as getting some traditional professional headshot images I’ll also create something a little different for you, that will help you stand out in the music world. To see more of my London musicians photography work please follow this link  London Musicians Photographer

London Musicians Portraits

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