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As a London Musicians Photographer I like to do the sessions outdoors. This is so we can make use of the wonderful backdrops of London in the images. One of my favourite areas of London for photography is Covent Garden. The contrast between the old and new is striking. I love the cobbled streets and boutique shops nestled between buildings with brushed steel railings and glass balconies. It seems to bring out different characteristics in the subjects too.

I met up with Miriam one evening in Covent Garden to take some publicity shots for an upcoming concert of hers. The sun was just starting to set as we made our way around the streets and market. The soft evening light was perfect for a mixture of formal and informal photos.

Creating a studio feel portrait outside

With each musician I photograph I like to include a series of more formal headshot photos. For this we just need to find that perfect spot, with a simple background and beautiful soft light to create images with more of a studio feel. Then to add variety I like to use the interesting backgrounds of streets, buildings, views over London to make the more natural images.

Walking shots work really well too. I love the first image in this blog, where Miriam is walking along the cobbles of Floral Street. The formality of her long black concert dress contrast so well with the crowds of people enjoying a drink outside the pubs of Covent Garden. You can also just see the striking Royal Ballet School Bridge high up in the background. I always like to get some great playing shots too. One of Miriam’s favourite images is the one of her playing and I think she used this to advertise her concert.

Publicity photos to promote your career in music

I enjoyed this London Musicians Photography session with Miriam so much. If you’re interested in getting some new publicity images done, or if you’re just leaving music college and need some done for the first time, please do get in touch on 07813 816335 or I’d love to create some unique shots for you to help promote your music career.

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