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One of my favourite jobs last year as a London Musicians Photographer was photographing a wonderful violinist, Non. We met up at the Southbank, London – a famous place for musicians. We started by taking some lovely portraits, with and without violin. Not only is Non beautiful, she is also an extremely talented violinist. She also has such a great sense of humour that even Batman came to join in the fun at the end, as you’ll see!

A variety of Musicians Portraits at the Southbank

The Southbank is a perfect spot to photograph musicians as they often feel very relaxed and at home in the area. It’s not surprising really with the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Purcell Room all close by and very familiar to most musicians. It is also a fantastic location for any kind of photography session because of the endless different colourful backgrounds. There is of course the famous Skateboard Park next to the River Thames. It has walls full of graffiti, which make stunning backdrops.

Perfect location near the Imax Cinema

But there are also less obvious places that work really well too. One example is in the first image which was photographed in a concrete corridor close to the Imax Cinema. The wall behind Non has a light shining on it, that keeps changing colour. Because of this you can get a variety of different looks in just one location. In this image I thought the green worked particularly well with Non’s eyes.

If you’d like to book a musicians photography session, in any area of London, please do get in touch on or 07813 816335. Whether you’re looking for some new photos for your website or for a concert coming up I’ll look forward to creating some fantastic images for you to use in all your publicity.



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