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I did so many fun London holiday photography sessions last year and this was certainly one of them! This American family were staying in London and wanted to have some professional photographs taken together. The lady who got in touch was on holiday with her husband, son, sister and parents. They were so excited about exploring London together and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

We met up towards the end of November in Kensington for the photos. I’m lucky enough to do a lot of family photography sessions in this beautiful part of London and it works perfectly. On the day of our shoot the weather was amazingly mild with lots of Autumn leaves still on the ground. This made a perfect backdrop for the images.

London holiday photography portraits

I usually start my family photography sessions with some relaxed portraits. It’s great to do these at the beginning of the photoshoot while everyone is still fresh. After that the family can just have fun and play games. While they enjoy spending time together I can take some more candid photographs.

This very sweet little boy loved playing with all the autumn leaves on the ground. He was a pleasure to photograph as he laughed his way through most of the holiday photography session! It was also wonderful to see what a close relationship he enjoyed with his aunty and grandparents. I made sure I got lots of portraits of him with all his family members.

Great value London vacation photography sessions

I enjoyed meeting and photographing this lovely American family so much. If you’re interested in a London holiday photography session, please do get in touch. I have some special digital vacation packages which are great value. Details on my London vacation photography can be found here London Vacation Photographer

Little boy smiling while leaning on a tree trunk. Parents sitting on a doorstep with their baby boy. Lady kissing her grandson. Large family group walking down a London street. Boy in blue coat walking through the park. Two sisters sitting on a bench with a little boy, who's thrown his head backwards. Grandpa kissing his grandson while the grandma looks on. Boy turning around in the park with lots of trees in the background. Two ladies sitting on a bench in the park laughing together. Man carrying his son towards a lady in the park. Little boy walking in between two grown ups. Boy walking through the park. Pregnant lady watching her son playing in the autumn leaves. Someone's hand throwing autumn leaves to a little boy. Boy laughing while standing in lots of autumn leaves. Dad hugging his son while he looks at a large autumn leaf. Two girls cuddling their mother while sitting on a tree trunk in the park. Grown ups looking at boy who is crying. Lady blowing bubbles for her son in the park. Boy standing in park holding a red balloon.

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