London Family Portrait Photography

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Choosing the right location for your London family portrait photography session is really important. When I photograph families, I like to include lots of the background, to give context to the images. So if you can pick a venue which means a lot to your family it really is ideal.

Some families, when booking their London family photography session, know exactly where they’d like to have their session. It might be their local park, where they spend so much time together as a family. This is probably the most popular choice for families. Others like to have their photoshoot in their home and garden. This is wonderful too, as the family home provides the backdrop to the images. What amazing memories this will provide the family over years to come. Others ask me for location ideas, which is fine too. I’ve photographed in so many of London’s fantastic parks and am really happy to help choose the right one for you.

London Family Portrait Photography at Chiswick House

The family in the photos below chose Chiswick House and Gardens for their London family photoshoot. It wasn’t a place they’d visited before, but it’s somewhere they were keen to explore. I was so happy with their choice, as it really is the most fantastic location for family portraits. It provides so many wonderful backdrops for images, with both stunning architecture and greenery.

We used Chiswick House itself in some of the photographs. It’s such a beautiful building and looked fantastic in the background of the family portraits. We also spent some time in the immaculate Italian Gardens with the Conservatory as the backdrop. Add in to that all the wonderful greenery of the Gardens and the joyous smiles from the family and we really had all the ingredients for the perfect family photography session.

family of four looking at each other

family in front of Chiswick House.
family portraits with beautiful architecture mum, dad, son and daughter looking at each other. Family of four walking in front of Chiswick House family walking through an avenue of trees. family laughing together family of four standing in front of huge glasshouse. family walking in front of beautiful house. family members having fun together. lady laughing with her family looking on.

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