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Bishops Park in London and Fulham Palace were the locations for this family shoot. It took place in December with three fun kids, their parents and grandparents. It was a chilly day but we soon warmed up with lots of running, climbing trees and games. I really enjoy being a London family portrait photographer and it’s especially satisfying when the shoot involves three generations of one family.

Natural, Relaxed Family Portraits

When photographing this number of people I work very hard to make sure I get portraits of every combination of people within the family. So I photograph each child on their own, then the siblings together. After that I photograph the children with their parents and then with grandparents. And of course I get some images of the whole family group together. This takes a bit of organisation, but as soon as we have safely got all these shots it’s time to start what I call the “free play” part of the session. I must admit this is my favourite part of the family photography session, as it’s a chance to capture some really spontaneous moments. The family can just get on with the normal activities they do when they come to the park and I can stay in the background capturing the action as it happens.

Photos amongst the Autumn leaves in Fulham Palace

One of my favourite images from this family portrait session is in the grounds of Fulham Palace, where the three children held hands and ran as fast as they could across the beautiful bed of Autumn leaves which was covering the grass. I got down as low as I could, to make sure I got enough of the wonderful leaves in the foreground and got a shot of them which I love – you can just feel their happiness and excitement as they explore this lovely part of London.

If you’d like to book an extended family photography session please do get in touch on 07813 816335 or I’d love to be your London family portrait photographer for a day and create some stunning portraits of your family.


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