London Family Photography – Extended Family Photoshoot

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I’m lucky enough to photograph this family every year and it’s always one of my favourite London family photography sessions. I’ve been photographing this wonderful family since the little girl was a tiny baby. And it really is fantastic to return every year and see how much she’s grown.

The annual family photography session always takes place in the summer. As well as this being near the little girl’s birthday, it’s also when the father’s parents are visiting from New Zealand. Add in another set of grandparents, a couple of uncles and an aunt and we have all the ingredients for a fun photoshoot! And this year there was one very special addition to the family – a new baby nephew! I couldn’t wait!

London family photography in the sun!

We always seem to be very lucky with the weather and have a glorious sunny day for the session. And this year was no exception. I arrived at the home late in the afternoon and spent some time catching up on the family news. The new baby boy and his family hadn’t arrived yet, so we started the session taking relaxed portraits of the rest of the family. Then it was time for a bit of play, often my favourite part of family sessions. I loved photographing this very lively little girl running around her garden, playing ball and enjoying her new swing.

Relaxed baby photography

After capturing some fun, candid shots the girl’s very cute new cousin arrived and I photographed him with his extended family. What a beautiful baby! It was a joy to watch him being cuddled by his cousin, who was clearly besotted with him.

It was such a fantastic afternoon catching up with this lovely family again. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite images from this special London family photography session.

If you’re interested in having your family photographed, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you and create some unique images of your unique family.

Little girl swinging on a swing in a garden. Girl about to jump on man lying on the floor. Girl jumping up to catch a ball with man and lady either side of her. Little girl lying on the floor yawning in front of feet of people. Two men looking at each other and laughing. Girl nearly falling over backwards while man holds ball above her. Family sitting on garden chairs while little girl runs down path. Girl looking happy whilst on a swing. Little girl hugging her Dad. Mum and dad holding their little daughter. Girl running in front of blue wall wearing grown up shoes. Man pulling a face whilst giving a little girl a piggy back. Little girl pulling a funny face whilst sitting on a swing. Little girl holding little baby on sofa. Two ladies with little baby who is yawning. Man looking at little baby. Hands of grown ups and little baby feet. Parents looking at their little baby. Girl cuddling her soft toy. Girl covering her eyes and holding toy. Girl watching iPad on sofa.

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