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It’s always lovely returning to a family I’ve photographed before. It’s a great time to catch up with everything that’s been going on since we last met. I have the chance to see how the children are growing up also and meet any new additions to the family. So I was thrilled when this family contacted me a couple of years on from our first family photography session.

I love including extended family in the photos too

On our first meeting they had one really sweet baby girl. Since then they’ve added an equally cute little boy to their family. We chose to have the kids photography session on a weekend when grandparents were visiting. This way we could include them in the photos too.

The photo shoot began at the family home, taking some casual portraits of the whole family together in the back garden. It often works well to start with the family portraits while the children are still fresh. This way they’re more likely to sit or stand in the same place for longer than a few seconds! Back inside the house, we moved around various rooms to capture some natural moments of the two siblings playing happily with their toys.

Time for a change of scene

Next, it was time to get some fresh air so we packed up a few belongings and made our way to the cemetery. It was a short walk, just around the corner from their house. It might not sound like the obvious setting for family photography but I knew from our previous shoot that it had some beautiful trees. These created fantastic backdrops in the images. We were also blessed with wonderful weather. It was so mild for mid-October and the low sunshine through the trees gave us the most perfect light to work with. Again, we quickly grabbed some portraits of the whole family together. Then it was time to allow the kids to just be kids while I captured some more natural, fun shots.

Then it was back home for the family to have Sunday lunch. I finished up the session by photographing some of the antics that go hand in hand with mealtimes for little ones!

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