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It’s not often that I’m called upon to be a London ballet and dance photographer but it’s certainly something I’d like to do more of in the future. As most of you know I specialise in natural family photography . I love to capture those unexpected, unposed moments in family life. So I was thrilled to be asked to photograph a wonderful young ballerina and excited at the challenge of doing something new.

I met up with Amelia one afternoon in the ballet studio where many of her lessons and training takes place. I’d already had a chat with her mum about what they wanted from the photos. We’d decided that a mix of formal ballet poses and a series of more natural dance images would be perfect. The emphasis was going to be on creating fun, unposed shots of Amelia dancing.

The Black Swan

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed photographing this extremely talented ballerina. I was in awe of all the ballet positions and graceful moves she made as she flew around the room. She made it look completely effortless, although I’m sure it must be anything but. I also loved photographing all the breaks between the dancing. Ballet shoes being tied up, the supple stretching and the peaceful moments of reflection between the elegant dance moves. I must also mention the dress. It was absolutely beautiful! Amelia reminded me of the black swan from Swan Lake as she danced and twirled around the studio.

We ended up with a wonderful selection of images which everyone was delighted with. So much so that I might be photographing Amelia again later this year, I can’t wait!

Whatever stage your daughter or son is at with their ballet or dance classes, if you’re interested in having them photographed please do get in touch on or 07813 816335

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