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One of my favourite things about being a photographer is returning to families I’ve already photographed before. It’s so lovely to catch up and hear about everything that’s been going on since I last photographed them. This was the case in this London children’s photography session last year.

I’ve photographed these fun brothers a couple of times before and we always go to the family’s local park. This works perfectly as it’s just around the corner from their home and it’s a location the boys know well. Here we can get a mixture of individual portraits and some of the three siblings together.

A muddy London Children’s Photography session!

As well as creating these beautiful portraits I wanted to get some more candid shots of the three brothers having fun together. This was achieved by spending time photographing the boys doing one of their favourite hobbies – playing rugby. They are all really keen on the sport so enjoy throwing the ball to each other and obviously having a few tackles. I’m glad we did the portrait shots at the beginning of this London children’s photography session as the boys finished the park photoshoot covered in mud!

When we returned to the family home I wanted to get something a little different, so I asked the boys what their favourite hobbies were at home. As they are a very musical family they all wanted to play to me which sounded a great idea! I’ve included one of my favourite musicians portraits below.

Creating a striking musicians portrait

When I photograph people I’m always thinking about different angles I can use in the image. I really want to try and create something a little unusual. Something that is not immediately obvious. So when this very talented young man was playing his trumpet I went around the other side of the piano and immediately saw the way the angles of the raised piano lid created a perfect frame around the boy and his trumpet. I also love that the music he played from had the word “skilful” on it, which he really was!

I enjoyed this London children’s photography session so much. The boys were delightful to spend time with and I look forward to our next photoshoot together!

Boy playing trumpet. Three boys sitting on a wall smiling at each other. Three boys running in the park. Boy smiling in the park. Three boys in a rugby scrum in the park. Three boys playing with a ball in the park. Shadow of three boys throwing a ball. Three boys walking away through the park.

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