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As a London Children’s Photographer, I’m lucky enough to photograph so many cute kids all over London. It’s such a great job to have – it’s so much fun and I love the spontaneity of it all. You never know what to expect with kids so I try not to plan the sessions too much and go with the flow. The resulting images are then so much more natural. We see happy laughter rather than forced smiles at the camera. Parents sometimes think they want a “perfect” portrait of their children before the session. But when they see the images afterwards they often choose the natural candid ones to go on their walls in beautiful frames.

A secret photography session!

Anyway back to this particular children’s photography session. Kids rarely come much more fun than these three boys! Their mum had booked a one hour session to get some photos of the three brothers. Then the plan was to choose one to go onto a canvas as a surprise gift for their Dad’s birthday. So we arranged to do the photography session when the Dad was out for the day. The boys had been sworn to secrecy too – it was like being on an exciting mission.

The boys were absolutely charming – such good fun but perfectly behaved too. We got some really relaxed portraits of them sitting on park walls and walking by the River Thames and it was lovely to capture the interaction between the three of them. They are obviously very close and got on really well with each other. There wasn’t a single squabble to be witnessed in the hour we spent together!

After capturing some great family portrait shots, we had some free play time to finish off the session. The footballs and rugby balls came out and I photographed them all letting off steam and running around having fun.

Once the images had been edited the final photo was chosen, printed on canvas and hidden away until the Dad’s birthday. I was over the moon to hear that the Dad was delighted with his surprise present of his three boys. So much so that they booked in a session for the whole family a few months later! Here are some of my favourite images of these three delightful brothers on this children’s photography session. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the family blog post coming soon…

Three boys walking by the river. Boy leaning on railings. Boy whispering into his brother's ear. Three brothers pulling funny faces. Boy cuddling his two brothers. Boy playing with football. Boy with football laughing behind his brother.Boy about to do a header with a football.Boy kicking rugby ball.Three boys playing with ball walking along pavement.Boy walking along road next to roadwork signs.Portrait of boy with blue eyes.

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