London Baby Photographer – Slides and Balloons!

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I love to do as many of my family photography sessions as possible outside. Not only are the locations lovely but I feel it often brings out the best in the children. Even when working as a London Baby Photographer I’ll often head to a local park for the photographs. With little ones you can get the most beautiful baby portraits of them just sitting in the grass looking cute! Sometimes there might be some daisies nearby that they pick and admire. Other times I might ask the parents to blow some bubbles for the baby to play with. When the babies are not yet crawling it’s relatively easy to get the most beautiful happy portraits of them.

Natural candid baby portraits

Once the baby is on the move it’s a whole different ball game! It’s at this point I’m glad I put my most comfortable shoes on, as I spend a lot of the photoshoot running after them! It’s such good fun though and I wouldn’t have it any other way! For me there’s no point trying to force them to sit down and pose for the camera. They’re far too young to be directed and even if you could make them stay still the resulting image would probably not be very natural.

London Baby Photographer in Kensington

I’d much rather achieve some candid portraits of the baby having fun and laughing. This often means we head to the playground at some point in our baby photography session. I absolutely love the portrait below of this cute little baby boy on the slide. We’d spent some time taking some family portraits with his mum and dad in Hyde Park in Kensington. Then we moved on to playground. It made me smile that the baby was determined to keep hold of his beloved balloons while he whizzed down the slide. I love the vibrant colours in this image. The pop of red of the balloon and in his clothes works so well. I find his little right foot raised off the slide very cute. And the way his right hand is trying to hold on to the slide is so funny.

It ended up being one of my favourite images from this baby portrait photography session. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Baby wearing a hat going down a slide with a red, green and a yellow balloon.

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