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As a London baby photographer I love photography sessions with babies of all ages – from newborn right up to when they start to take their first steps. Every stage along the way is so different and equally wonderful. One of my favourite ages is when the baby is sitting up easily but not yet walking. Once they start to toddle it’s a whole different ball game and involves a lot more running around on my part to catch up with them!

When Emily’s mum got in touch to photograph her daughter I was pleased to hear that Emily was at this perfect stage – not quite walking (but close). The brief was to capture a lovely image of Emily that could be framed and put alongside a photo of her elder brother in the family kitchen.

I arrived at the family home in Kensington early one sunny Friday morning. Photography sessions on a weekday work really well with a child of pre-school age if the rest of the family are not going to be involved, as parks and other outside locations are a lot quieter.

We started off capturing some images of Emily in the family kitchen as she played happily on her toy car. As it turns out one of these images is the one that has ended up in a frame on the kitchen wall, which seems quite appropriate really.

We then set off for Kensington Gardens where Emily was the absolute perfect model. She sat happily in front of different backdrops, playing with daisies, laughing at passing dogs and popping bubbles that her mum blew at her (I never go anywhere without a bottle of bubbles!) She is one of the happiest, most chilled out little girls I’ve photographed and we managed to create a fantastic selection of images on this baby photography session in Kensington Gardens.

I enjoyed meeting Emily and her mum so much and from the smile on her face I think Emily enjoyed it too. She certainly wore herself out, as she’d only been in her buggy for about a minute on the way home, before she drifted off into a blissful nap. Here are a few images of her while she was wide awake…


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