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The great thing about lifestyle family photography is doing photoshoots on location rather than in a studio. I absolutely love it! Not only is it fun to round around in a park photographing families, but it also creates such variety in the images. The children are often at their happiest, letting off steam in a place they know so well. And their favourite park becomes the backdrop to these family photographs. How precious will that be in years to come?

And just as great as photographing in the family’s local park is doing the photoshoot in their home. The special place where the children are growing up becomes the setting for the images. For this reason I like to include as much of the home in the background as possible.

Lifestyle family photography in the park

The lovely family in these images had booked one of my three-hour sessions. This meant we had time to take some photos both in their home and local park. We decided to start this lifestyle family photography session in the park. If we’re doing part of the session outdoors I prefer to go as early as possible when the light is at its best. As well as getting some natural portraits of the children individually and together we also had lots of fun running around, tickling (the family not me!) and playing with the water in the fountain.

Fun, colourful family portraits at home

It was then time to return to the family home for the second part of this photoshoot. I loved the bright colours in the family sitting room, so we took a series of relaxed portraits on the blue sofa. I was so pleased with the photographs of the happy, smiling children surrounded by the cheerful colours of the sofa, cushions and picture above them.

If you’d like a lifestyle family photography session, please do get in touch. We can create a fantastic series of images of your family using your home or local park (or both) as the perfect backdrop.

Two girls and one boy sitting on a wall with their heads together. Girl smiling and holding her hands together. Boy smiling and leaning on wooden rail. Girl laughing and closing her eyes. Three children hand in hand walking across a bridge. Girl hanging from an archway. Family of five sitting on a bench laughing. Three children running away across the grass. Girl looking thoughtful while holding a lolly. Three children putting their hands into a fountain. Two sisters cuddling. Girl pulling a funny face while she plays the guitar. Three children cuddling on blue sofa. Three children laughing and cuddlinglifestyle family photography

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