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I’m so happy to share some photos from a recent lifestyle family photography session. Whenever anyone books one of my outdoor London family photography sessions I’m happy to reschedule if the weather is terrible. Some families are fine to go ahead with the photoshoot if it’s raining and we use their home for the family portraits instead. But others are really keen for the family photos to be taken in their local park or favourite outdoor location. In this case we postpone the session and hope for better weather next time!

Lifestyle family photography in the rain!

As the day of this lifestyle family photography session approached it became clear that the weather might not be kind to us. It was looking likely there would be rain in the afternoon we were planning to meet. This family have very busy lives, with all the children doing lots of sport every weekend, so it had taken a while to get a date in the diary. Because of this they were keen to go ahead with the photo session in the park, rather than waiting another few months for the next opportunity.

Fun, natural family portraits in the park

I’m so happy they decided to go for it as it really was a good one! Not only were the family absolutely lovely, but they brought their delightful dog with them too. We had such a fun time getting a huge variety of natural family portraits amongst the majestic trees of this wonderful park. As with all my family photography sessions I got some relaxed portraits of the whole family together. And of course we included the dog in most of them! I also took individual portrait photos of each child and some of these four fun kids together.

Despite the weather this lifestyle family photography session was fabulous. I’m so happy the family were brave enough to go for it! If you’d like to book a family photography session in your favourite London park, please do get in touch. Details can be found here London Family Photographer

Four children having fun by a huge tree trunk family of six with dog walking along path in the woods Four children looking at each other and laughing mum, dad, four children and dog on a path in the woods Six people having fun on a bench with dog close by Family of six with their dog on huge tree trunk Boy with hand on tree smiling Boy smiling in the park Girl with her leg in the air up a tree Teenage girl leaning on tree man, lady, dog and four children sitting on tree trunk Family of six in the park Four children and dog smiling Mum, dad and four children in front of huge tree dog in park with green jumper family of six and dog in the park

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