A happy child portrait

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There’s something about this happy child portrait that makes me smile every time I look at it. There’s absolutely no posing, no “smile for the camera”- just completely uninhibited laughter. A real LOL moment!

Family photography in your local park

I captured this wonderful moment during one of my London family photography sessions. The photoshoot took place in the family’s favourite local park. It was a location where the two girls in the family obviously felt really at home and comfortable. After taking a variety of family portraits in several spots around the park it was time for some individual portraits. When I do my family photography sessions I always try and get photos of the whole family together, some of the children together and some of each child on their own. This gives the family a large selection of images to choose from when they decide what products they’d like to purchase after the session.

How to capture a happy child portrait

When photographing each child on their own I take some photos of them looking at me. Then I try and get some more candid shots, which show the true nature of the child and produce really natural, genuine, unposed portraits. I have various ways of encouraging them to relax in front of the camera. First I tell them all my worst jokes (and I’ve got a lot of bad ones!) to raise a few smiles. I also ask family members to stand behind me and join in the fun. I can’t remember what exactly it was that produced this amazing laughter, but I suspect it might have been some fantastic dad-dancing! Sadly, as I’m always taking the photos, I miss out on the hi-jinks going on behind me! Whatever it was that happened I’m so glad it did, as it produced this wonderfully happy child portrait.

If you’d like your children photographed in a natural, genuine way in your favourite location please do get in touch. More examples of my relaxed children’s photography can be found here London Children’s Photographer

happy child portrait

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